God in all things, people of all kinds!

The Red Door Study in March

What does it mean when we say "Love is the way" and where is it founded on? Following Jesus and being a light in this world is not easy, but possible for all of us. Listen to this and other topics in March.
Wednesday, January 29, 2020

I am excited to welcome you to The Red Door, a place to belong and believe. We are all the beloveds of God. Regardless of what has happened to us, or where we had been in the past, God loves us unconditionally. 

The perfection of Christ is the perfection of His love. Be perfect as the heavenly Father is perfect points to the perfection of God's love for humanity. No matter what has happened to us or are happening to us, God has taken us and will continue to love us unconditionally. 

The Red Door is an attempt to show the world that all are welcome. No matter who you are, you are welcome. The way you are, you are welcome. God is pleased with you and if you are able to listen to the murmur of the Spirit within, you would hear it in your heart everyday. 

Listen carefully and know deepily you are the beloved. Believe it wholeheartedly and you will find your life to be a beautiful blessing not only to your immediate family but to the world around you. You will find yourself in the middle of situations that needs love rather than hatred, forgiveness rather than anger, acceptance rather than rejection, and courage rather than fear. 

Listen carefully for the words of affirmation from God from this moment on, and you will see people that need the same from you around you. Affirm, enrourage, build, and accept and then you will know God is genuinely a loving God and you are a God's child.

Welcome to The Red Door to love, to care, to encourage, to build, to affirm, to accept, to bless, and to be graceful!

Fr. Jos Tharakan